Quick Response (QR) Code Resources

More than a decade ago a company in Japan (Denso-Wave) invented the Quick Response (QR) code technology. As used currently, most QR codes embed the URL of a product or business to offer a customer immediate online access to information about products and services. The QR code has become a very powerful tool in the marketing of products and services in retail and in a broad range of other business settings.

If you are interested in exploring the QR code technology, this page includes an application that generates a QR code image that has your URL information embedded. Sierra Custom Signs freely offers this application as a service to clients and visitors who simply need to generate a QR code or want to explore the technology. There also are other tools and resources on this page that you might find helpful. If you are interested in signs, labels, tags, or decals that include your business's unique QR code, Sierra Custom Signs can generate the codes and produce signs, tags, labels and decals with your QR code included. Call us at (775) 823-9699, or send your contact information and we will call or e-mail you to follow up.

Generate Your QR Code

This application generates a QR code image that embeds the information you enter below. QR codes usually embed a URL for a business or product landing page. While QR codes can embed up to 4096 alphanumeric characters, keep in mind that the code is usually scanned on a mobile device, so it is prudent to minimize the amount of information and create a landing page URL with as few characters as possible.

  • URL Keep it as brief as possible.
  • Version The density or amount of data storage within the image. Version 4 is a common storage density. Version 1 produces an image 29 pixels square, with much less error correction compared to version 10, which produces maximum error correction and an image 290 pixels square.

 Enter URL to Encode:  


How To Use This Application

1. Enter the URL for the QR Code in the text box.
   For example, http://www.scsreno.com.
2. Use the default Version of 4, or select a different value.
3. Click Generate Image.
4. Right-click over the generated QR code image, and save (download) it to your computer.

Additional Resources

If you want to learn more about QR codes, how and where to use them, there are a number of resources available on the Internet. A good place to start is Wikipedia where you can learn about common QR code uses and learn about the basic QR code technology. See our blog article Quick Response Codes Deliver Results for ideas about how this technology is being used in business. If you want in-depth technical information, you can take a look at the ISO QR code specification.

Probably, one of the first things you want to do is install a QR code reader on your smartphone. There are many QR code readers available both for free and for purchase. Each reader offers slightly different features and capabilities, so consider which are important to you before making your choice. Here are a few QR code reader applications for some of the more popular smartphone platforms.

QR Droid (free)
i-nigma Barcode Scanner (free)
A list by phone model
QR Reader (free)
Optiscan ($3.99)
i-nigma (free)
RedLaser (free)