Car, Boat & Truck Wraps

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Vehicle wraps can be as varied as there are vehicles in the world! The vinyl material that carries the shape or image that is wrapped onto a vehicle is like a modern-day artist's canvas. The material can be precisely cut to fit complex shapes, and virtually any image or design can be printed on the surface. These materials are used for a large number of applications. They are both strong and flexible, and they bond well to the surfaces of cars, boats, and trucks. A number of manufacturers produce high quality vinyls that are specifically designed for this type of use.

The term wrap comes from the way the vinyl material wraps and conforms to a surface. A vehicle can be fully wrapped or partially wrapped. A full wrap can completely alter the appearance of a vehicle and produce dramatic effects. A partial wrap technically is anything less than complete coverage of the vehicle—from a small logo or company name on passenger and driver side doors to spot coverage of large areas of the vehicle body. Both full and partial wraps can be used to produce stunning effects and high impact.

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